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The Faith of Columbus Avenue

The Columbus Avenue church is a family of believers who have been born again of the water and the blood of Jesus Christ. We are not a part of any denomination. We seek to be a people of God as Christians were in the first century; a body of believers bound to each other by our faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Denominations are of relatively recent origin. Division such as we see among the various religious bodies was condemned in the Bible. (See 1 Corinthians 1-4.) Unity can be achieved only when all believers return to the faith and practice found in God's Word.

We believe that Jesus is God's Son, whom God sent into this world to redeem us from our own sinfulness. The gospel is the good news of Jesus' ministry, His death, and His resurrection. It is the gospel, the good news of salvation, which enables one to be saved from their sins. While salvation is a free gift of God, a direct result of God's marvelous grace, one must receive the gift in order to share in its benefits. The book of Acts is the record of what happened when people turned to God through the gospel.

When one turns to God through faith in Jesus, the Bible records that they repented (turned away from their sinful ways and turned to God). Jesus said if we do not repent, we will perish. (Luke 13:1-5) Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus included instruction about repentance. (See Acts 2:38.)

Those who believed and repented were instructed to be baptized, that is, immersed, into Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. (Acts 2:38; 22:16) When the New Testament was written, the only baptism involving water was an immersion. The practices of sprinkling or pouring water on one as "baptism" did not originate for many years and had their origin with people rather than from God's word. When one is thus baptized, immersed into Christ, God adds them to His people. (Acts 2:41,47)

A History of Columbus Avenue

As a congregation of God's people, the Columbus Avenue church had its beginnings in November of 1935 when fourteen people began meeting in one of their homes to worship. After a few months, they began renting a grocery store building on West Third Street. In 1940, a meetinghouse we constructed, largely through volunteer labor on East Thirty-first Street. The church grew rapidly, and soon two worship services were being held on Sunday mornings. As the congregation continued to grow during the 1950's, plans were laid for a new meetinghouse. Land was secured on Columbus Avenue and what was thought to be an ample meetinghouse was constructed.

The present meetinghouse on Columbus Avenue was dedicated in the April of 1959. The auditorium would seat around 500, but the classroom space soon proved to be inadequate. In 1962, a classroom wing was added on to the south end of the building. In 1966, another classroom wing was added on to the north. In 1979, a classroom and fellowship wing, which included a full basement for classrooms, was completed.

In addition to the expansion to Columbus Avenue, the congregation that was known as the 31st Street Church of Christ spawned the Hillcrest Heights church, which continued to grow and is now known as the Lindberg Road Church of Christ. The 14th Street Church of Christ was also a planned outgrowth from the roots of the Columbus Avenue church. The churches of Christ in Daleville, Tipton and Noblesville were all planted from the same group of believers.

Over the years, those fourteen who decided to meet in their homes have had a tremendous impact on the spiritual life of Anderson. Since moving into the facilities on Columbus Avenue, records indicate that nearly 1300 people have been a part of the Columbus Avenue church family. Many of these have gone on to their heavenly reward. Many more have moved from our community. Others are working and worshipping with other congregations in the community. The Columbus Avenue church today numbers nearly 170 family units.